Air Quality Platform

Aqui você pode saber se existe monitoramento da qualidade do ar por rede pública em seu estado ou cidade.

What is it?

This is an initiative by the Institute for Energy and the Environment in cooperation with the State Environmental Agencies(SEA), created to integrate and disseminate information on air quality in Brazil. Using simple research features, the platform provides access to the historic series of data of pollutant concentration per state, metropolitan region, and type of pollutant, systematized based on the states’ Air Quality Annual Reports. From there it is possible to download the national database, and also access diagnostics on the structure of monitoring networks in the nation, regulations, specialized studies, as well as national and international news on the issue. Thus, the Platform aids in tracking the evolution of one of the main instruments of air quality management, monitoring, and greater access by society to environmental information, bringing an important contribution to initiatives aimed at protecting health and well-being in big cities, and in the pursuit of a healthier environment.